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Infusion Services

Arthritis Physicians is pleased to announce that we have opened an infusion suite in our office. We offer intravenous therapy for a wide range of medications. Our calming environment will make your infusion experience a relaxing and comfortable one. The infusion suite offers: reclining chairs, wireless internet, Netflix movies, blankets, and snacks to make you comfortable during your time with us. Our infusion suite offers a safe, convenient, and frequently less costly alternative to receiving infusions in the hospital. Our Infusion Nurse maintains close coordination and communication with your doctor throughout the prescribed infusion treatment. 

Our office will complete the necessary precertification in a prompt manner to prepare for your visit, should you decide to schedule with us. We have a long-standing reputation in the community for providing quality care means coordinating with your medical health plan to assure accurate benefit information and billing. We will also inform you of any co-pay or drug reimbursement assistance available for the therapies. 


Our own qualified clinical specialist performs all clinical monitoring during the infusion to insure safety, continuity of care, and to promote positive outcomes. Our office will provide you with a better alternative to the hassles of going to the hospital or other outpatient center for your infusion. Our goal is to provide a quality infusion experience in our office with safety and convenience for the patients and family. 





John E. Tower D.O., Roman I. Czubatyj M.D., & Dr. Dana Rockwell  

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